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two k-12 students

CalTeach gives students the skills, tools and experience to pursue a teaching credential.

Participants learn and practice conceptual teaching skills in courses held at local K–12 classrooms and through field experiences and summer internships at local schools. Mentor teachers oversee participants in K–12 math and science classrooms. Most CalTeach programs also offer a minor or concentration in math and/or science education that focuses on teaching those subjects.

Three UC campuses — Berkeley, Irvine and Los Angeles — offer accelerated credential programs that provide CalTeach students with two options: earn a teaching credential along with the baccalaureate degree, or combine the last year of undergraduate studies with the first year of credential studies. In collaboration with UC faculty and graduate students, CalTeach programs also sponsor research that contributes to our understanding of effective practices for math and science education. Sample research topics include CalTeach graduates' preparedness for teaching, the effect of field experiences on attitudes toward teaching and public education, and effective methods for tracking the CalTeach graduates who enter teaching careers.