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A California teaching credential requires undergraduate preparation in the subject and post-graduate (or sometimes undergraduate) work in teaching pedagogy. Through CalTeach advising, undergraduate STEM students receive early individualized guidance in choosing STEM and foundation level education courses to satisfy the undergraduate STEM requirements and preparation for credential programs. With CalTeach, undergraduate students can explore teaching while continuing their STEM subject-matter training. Specialized classes, research opportunities, and engaging field work experiences in K–12 classrooms complement disciplinary studies to prepare students for a competitive teaching job market. Interested students should ask their advisors or contact their campus CalTeach representative about the math, science, and education majors and minors available at all UC campuses.


There is a critical need for more middle school and high school science and mathematics teachers throughout the state of California. Elementary teachers with a strong STEM background also enrich their classrooms and inspire students to aim for STEM careers. CalTeach participants come with an intense desire to learn what it takes to teach science and mathematics, and the motivation to teach with a focus on social and racial justice to increase equity and access for all California students. When they are in the K-12 classrooms, they are mentored by credentialed teachers to further support classroom activities to promote K-12 student successes. CalTeach students are highly qualified in the content knowledge to teach in their STEM disciplines. Furthermore, CalTeach participants serve as college-going role models to K-12 students at the same time.

"CalTeach was an integral part of my path to becoming a STEM educator. The program offered preparation for the teaching exams, invaluable classroom experience and extensive professional development. Thanks to this program, I am now working on a secondary math teaching credential and a master’s of education at UC Riverside, fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher."

Savannah Sprague
Alumna, UC Riverside CalTeach