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CalTeach reaches students and schools throughout the state. Since its inception, more than 15,000 UC undergraduate students have explored careers in teaching math or science through CalTeach. Of these, roughly 2,000 CalTeach participants have gone on to receive single-subject math and/or science credentials, and more than 1,700 CalTeach alumni have pursued teaching in California’s public schools.

CalTeach continues to grow

In 2017–18, CalTeach total student participation was 2,109, the highest annual enrollment in the program's history.

Number of CalTeach participants

CalTeach graduates are earning math and science teaching credentials

In 2017–18, 827 math, science and multi-subject credentials were awarded to alumni of the CalTeach program. This increase is in alignment with the growing number of participants in recent years.

2006 to 2016 and number of credentials

A significant proportion of UC baccalaureates who go on to earn a math or science credential have participated in CalTeach. In 2017–18, CalTeach alumni earned more than 21 percent of all math and science single-subject credentials awarded in California.

2006 to 2016 number of math or science credentials

CalTeach graduates pursuing math or science credentials are enrolling in teacher education programs across the state, and many are enrolling in UC's Teacher Education Programs (TEPs)

In 2017–18, 174 CalTeach graduates pursued a math or science credential at a TEP offered at one of the state's public institutions of higher education. Of those, 110 (63 percent) enrolled in a UC TEP.

UC and CSU TEP enrollment

Building the next generation of education leaders

Through 2017–18, 55 CalTeach alumni have gone on to earn an administrative services credential, a prerequisite for becoming a K–12 school administrator.

All data shown are the most recent available. New numbers will be posted as updated information is collected and processed.