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Elena Zhukova

CalTeach is administered by nine University of California campuses and 28 community college partnerships. For more information on a CalTeach program that interests you, please select the appropriate UC campus.


Elisa Stone, Director
E-mail:  Elisa Stone

Ryan Shiba, Program Manager
E-mail:  Ryan Shiba


Mary-Betty Stevenson, Academic Coordinator/Lecturer
E-mail:  Mary-Betty Stevenson

Sandra Carlson, Faculty Director
E-mail:  Sandra Carlson


Virginia Panish, Director
E-mail:  Virginia Panish


Los Angeles

Arlene Russell, Director
E-mail:  Arlene Russell

Janice Daniel, Academic Coordinator
E-mail:  Janice Daniel


Chelsea Arnold, Director
E-mail:  Chelsea Arnold

Mayya Tokman, Faculty Director
E-mail:  Mayya Tokman


Leslie Bushong, Director
E-mail:  Leslie Bushong

Brad Hyman, Faculty Director
E-mail:  Brad Hyman

San Diego

Sherry Seethaler, Director
E-mail:  Sherry Seethaler


Santa Barbara

Sue Johnson, Program Director
E-mail:  Sue Johnson

Julie Bianchini, Faculty Director
E-mail:  Julie Bianchini

Santa Cruz

Gretchen Andreasen
E-mail:  Gretchen Andreasen