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Keeping Your Options Open

Most teaching credentials require undergraduate preparation and post-graduate work, and CalTeach will help you choose courses that satisfy the requirements for your degree AND a credential program. With CalTeach, you can explore your interest in teaching while pursuing your studies with your fellow math and science majors.

Specialized classes, specialized research opportunities, and direct work in K-12 classrooms complement disciplinary studies to prepare you to pursue a teaching credential after receiving your bachelor's degree. Ask your advisor or contact your campus CalTeach representative about the math and science and education majors and minors available at all UC campuses.

K-12 teachers

There is a critical need for more science and mathematics teachers like you. CalTeach participants come with an intense desire to learn what it takes to teach science and mathematics. They are there to support you in the classroom and serve as a college-going role model to your students at the same time!

By mentoring CalTeach participants directly, you can help better prepare future science and math teacher preparation in a big way. As a mentor teacher you will share your expertise and experience with a CalTeach mentee.

CalTeach students come with the content knowledge to teach in their disciplines. They have K-12 public school field experience and know their way around a classroom.

“CalTeach provided many great opportunities for me, such as the chance to observe and be mentored by outstanding teachers. These opportunities have helped me build my experience and confidence, thus strengthening my choice to pursue a career as a STEM educator.”